Craps Rules

Craps Rules


Unlike the exclusive hushed atmosphere behind the velvet baccarat ropes, or the stone-faced silence in the smoke-filled poker rooms, craps is a decidedly social game. While the party atmosphere adds to the fun, it also adds confusion for the novice. We'll demystify the whole process, and soon you'll find craps fun and engaging.

Craps players take turns rolling a pair of dice at the craps table-usually a green felt table with white lettering. The shooter, the player rolling the dice, and the spectators bet on the outcome of a round of dice rolls. Each roll of the dice produces an outcome between 2 and 12 in one of 36 possible combinations. Sometimes a round consists of one roll; more likely, the round consists of a series of rolls. The object of this popular game, called Bank craps, is simple, and the game play itself is straightforward, but the table layout and the various bets can appear confusing at first. The advanced bets fall into the "nice to know" category. You'll learn many of them at the table through osmosis, and you'll get an overview of them here.

Object of the Game

The object of the game is to bet with or against the shooter, the player rolling the dice. Players usually bet with the player. Remember, craps is one big party! If you want the other players to welcome you, bet with the shooter:

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